Black and Whiteness: New Year's Clothing 2013

VogueWhiteness and black, together and separately, are extremely relevant in this period. Opt with sable mini bright satin or white maxi air of chiffon. Vogue hit - a dark-and-white models: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Ingenious look and leopard print in sable and white. Note that beastly theme - the trend of the period. Sable gloves, sable studs and black boa will be useful to you when you create an image of the New Year. This is a win-win item.  Similar articles:Mode Skin belts, handbags, sunglasses, colored braceletsMode Fashionable coat for a offseasonFashion rate. Читать полностью -->

Fashion Nails Summer 2009: A colors of nail manicure

StyleIn this time's fashion pastel shades of nail polish. Luck may be both transparent and opaque. Major hits of the summer are considered mild pink, turquoise, berry and whiteness. Lucky dark shades that were however popular finish winter period, has become irrelevant.For work and leisure are perfect for the girl translucent watercolor shades of nail polish. Classic whiteness blossom returned and became extremely well-known. He is able to make the nails are extremely bright. Читать полностью -->

Black and Whiteness: New Year's Clothing 2013

StyleWhite and black, together and separately, are very relevant in this season. Choose from black mini bright satin or whiteness maxi air of chiffon. Fashion hit - a sable-and-whiteness models: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Individual be and leopard print in dark and white. Note that beastly theme - a tendency of the period. Black gloves, dark studs and sable boa will be useful to you when you make an image of a New Year. This is a win-win item.  Same articles:Style Gallery hats and ornamentalsStyle Vogue trends of spring: source jacketsStyle Style handbags. Читать полностью -->

Pants-Banana Source 2013

FashionHad tremendous popularity this source medium bananas - hit 80. As, current medium bananas noticeably shorter than your "grandfathers", which, so, should be same gerls of vogue: the new length is more convenient and provides a area for imagination. Soft tucks at the top of a pants can hide matter areas, skinny ladies, they will help to visually append volume to the hips, and the ladies in a body will be able to hide a any extra pounds. More harmonious with that pants look blouson jacket or with a "coat hanger" - any greetings with a 80s!  Similar articles:Vogue Summer clothes that covers a completeMode Trendy clothes for summer: trousers and shortsMode Summer clothes: photo gallery options chosen. . . Читать полностью -->

Colours and styles

StyleThe main colors of the business of vogue, of course - it's black and white. A whiteness shirt plus a black great skirt with a jacket or vest - a win-win. But - is not the only one! Complete the kit a bright detail, and he will be transformed beyond recognition. Among a most pressing flowers of the source season in 2012 - purple, coral, gold, silver, pink, purple and blue.Business suits this source offers configuration-fitting and rather stringent, mostly - for pants. With a arrival of spring, designers are advised to wear costumes of delicate pastel shades. Very relevant figures - such as a cell and strip.If you love a suit with a skirt, be sure to update the wardrobe with pencil mini skirt and jacket with a peplum. Читать полностью -->

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